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>>Download template for curtains.

Finishing and details

The pictures of the build models show detailed finishing. There are different ways of finishing the Holland Scale model kits. Try adding "mortar" and give the building that little extra. Or highlight details like the wall ornaments. Dutch houses are nearly always put up with bricks and ornaments, so it pays to put some extra effort in that.


Adding mortar brings forward structure of the brick wall and bring your model to life! It is easy to get this effect! Do as follows:

Take a small or egg cup and mix a little liquid abrasive with some dark ink or poster or water-based paint. The "mortar" must be light grey. Rub a thin layer of the "mortar" on the parts with bricks. The "mortar" should go between the bricks. Leave the parts to a good dry. Then rub with a sheet of kitchen paper until there is no more powder left ON the bricks. Take special attention to the areas where the parts are glued. If you are not satisfied, rinse of under the tap, dry and try again!.


Small details, such as ornaments and facing bricks are already in the wall plates. They show full advantage when painted. Use a fine brush and a little paint. An example of a facing brich on this picture.

Cutting the parts

Use a sharp hobby knife to cut the parts from the frame. Check if it fits. Remove excess material if necessary.

Left over parts

When the model is finished according tot the building instruction, you might have some parts left over. They might come in useful some day. Or keep them as spare parts.


If you place a light inside the models, small light leaks can be fixed by applying tin foil on the inside.


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